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Curriculum Offers: Focus on NROC

Posted on 10/10/2018


One of the things that OTAN does on behalf of adult education is to negotiate the best free or reduced-cost special offers for online curriculum licenses and professional development resources suggested by our OTAN Advisory Committee and adult educators in the field. You can see our current offers on this OTAN webpage: https://www.otan.us/browse/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&catid=35781

One of the organizations that OTAN partners with is The NROC Project (NROC). NROC is a non-profit organization that partners with educators to create courses and tools designed to improve how college and career readiness is approached and supported. NROC provides open and low-cost courses and tools designed to recognize every student's unique learning needs and preferences. Through our membership in NROC, OTAN offers access to the following courses and resources:

  • Developmental English – This course is designed for students striving to meet basic college entrance requirements. The integrated curriculum, spanning reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary building, and grammar skills, allows students to practice strategies for reading and writing effectively.
  • Developmental Math – This course is also designed for students striving to meet basic college entrance requirements. The adaptive pre-assessment personalizes a learner's path through Arithmetic, Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, and Statistics, Geometry, and Trigonometry topics.
  • EdReady – EdReady is a math and English readiness system that employs a knowledge inventory to personalize a learner's path to subject mastery within the context of a specific educational goal. Edready can determine a student's readiness to take college-level math and/or English courses, provide the resources a student needs to improve math and/or English knowledge, and prepare you for specific equivalency or standardized exams.
  • EdReady Math Pathways – NROC has developed EdReady math pathways—152 goals aligned to the most common career and certificate programs in the United States.
  • HippoCampus – HippoCampus is a curated repository of over 6,800 multimedia learning objects—including videos, animations, and simulations—in math, science, social science, and humanities subjects.

For more information on how to get started with any of these NROC resources, please contact OTAN by email at support@otan.us or call us at 916-228-2580.