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Students Say Thanks to Adult Education

Posted on 09/28/2018

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During Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, we highlight the achievements of adult education students who overcome struggles to reach their goals. We applaud students who succeed in their lives after putting in the hard work at adult education agencies despite numerous personal, professional, and life challenges. Students are extremely grateful for the contributions of teachers and staff to reach their goals.

This week, the LAUSD Division of Adult and Career Education shared the story of Jen Atkin, a professional hairstylist, who returned to the Abram Friedman Occupational Center to thank her former instructor, Alma Blanco. Jen shared in an Instagram post that the AFOC was there to help her get an education and her license to become a cosmetologist. As a way to show her appreciation, Jen gave all of the students in the Cosmetology program brand new hair dryers and hair care products. You can read about Jen’s visit to AFOC by clicking this link: https://wearedace.org/jen-atkin-world-famous-hairstylist-alum-of-abram-friedman-occupational-center-visits-her-former-instructor/ External link opens in new window or tab

Also this week, the San Mateo Adult School shared the farewell address of the outgoing Student Council President, Wendy Samayoa. In her remarks, Wendy expressed her gratitude for being able to serve with other SMAS students on the Student Council. She also spoke to her time on the Council:

We are not numbers nor are we the results of a test; we are people who want to change the world and for that we need tools that are not only learned in classes, but with experiences that allow us to get out of the bubble in which we live and open our eyes so that we can see the reality of this country that today, more than ever, needs our critical look as a starting point for real structural changes in the country.

Her words remind us that adult education can offer adult students unique opportunities to grow and change their lives in positive ways. You can read Wendy’s farewell address by clicking this link: http://smaceesl.blogspot.com/2018/09/2017-18-student-council-president-wendy.html External link opens in new window or tab