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Student-Created Videos in the Classroom

Posted on 09/21/2018

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As the use of video continues to make inroads into instruction, teachers are shifting from students as consumers exclusively to a mix of students as consumers and producers. Video provides another means for students to demonstrate learning and a deeper comprehension and understanding of the material. Students can use video to create a variety of products that provide assessment results to the teacher.

A student can create a tutorial video – Students watch a lot of how-to videos online, so consider asking a student to create a tutorial video that gives them the opportunity to teach some skill, practice, or concept that they have mastered. The teacher can see what and how a student has learned by watching a student teach in the tutorial.

A student can create a reflection video – Similar to a reflective activity at the end of a portfolio where a student considers what they have learned through the process, a reflection video gives a student the opportunity to share what they have learned during the process of learning, information that usually does not end up on a more formal assessment. A teacher can see a student’s learning strategies or how a student learned from failure, for example.

A student can create a response video – A student can create a video in response to a teacher question or prompt. This creates a formative assessment like an exit ticket. Students can also watch videos created by their classmates to see how other students respond to the same question for different perspectives.

A student can create a learning product video – A student can create a video that serves as a summative assessment, rather than completing a written assignment or test which too often are the assessment formats of choice. These videos give students the opportunity to express their creativity as they also demonstrate and express the key concepts they have learned.

As video has exploded with the growth of the Internet, it seems only natural that we ask our students to use video to show us what and how they learn what they are taught in school.

Source: https://www.edutopia.org/article/student-created-videos-classroom External link opens in new window or tab