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Using Technology to Increase Participation for Introverts

Posted on 07/11/2018

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Who are you hearing from in your class?

We know students learn in different ways and are working to develop in their zone of proximal development External link opens in new window or tab. Teachers regularly differentiate and personalize learning for students’ dispositions, abilities, interests, backgrounds, and personality types. But it has taken the education community quite a long time to consider introverts.

The good news is, there are practices, assessments, and procedures that support introverts in an often extroverted world. Here are some ideas that use technology to increase participation for introverts.

  1. Participating through Google Docs collaboration: Create a Google Doc discussion tracker and share it with students a few days before a class literature or civics discussion. Ask students to post in-depth questions about a shared reading to the doc. Students respond to their peers’ questions, and the teacher reads some of the questions and answers aloud in class. This is a low-risk way for introverted students to participate and feel valued in a discussion.
  2. Participating through Google Classroom: Post prompts on Google Classroom and ask students to respond to each other. Entries make a great formative assessment and learners’ comments and questions can be used to track participation.
  3. Digital brainstorming via Padlet: Teachers can use a digital space such as Padlet External link opens in new window or tab to have students?post their ideas, and everyone’s contributions can be seen by all.
  4. Using digital choices for reflection: Students can doodle their thoughts in Google Draw, record their voices on VoiceThread External link opens in new window or tab or Flipgrid External link opens in new window or tab, or caption a photo or artwork as part of a reflection exercise.
  5. Providing choice in presentations: Speeches, news broadcasts, interviews, or TED-style talks External link opens in new window or tab can be recorded and shared in lieu of a live presentation. Students can choose one of these formats in order to demonstrate their learning and challenge themselves in meaningful ways.

How do you use technology to support introverted learners?

Source: Edutopia External link opens in new window or tab