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Social Media: Users and Where to Find Them

Posted on 07/02/2018

Social media spalsh screen

As adult education agencies do more with social media, it’s important to spend time analyzing the latest trends in social media usage. You want to target the right audience on the platform where you’re apt to find them.

Teenagers, who are the heaviest users of social media, are changing their social media habits, switching from Facebook to YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, reflecting the sometime fickle nature of tech usage. Facebook, though, still remains the most popular social media platform across a wide range of age groups. Consider different platforms when targeting certain subsets in your messaging; for example, Pinterest is a popular platform for women who are the majority users of that site, LinkedIn is used by those with high levels of education and income, and WhatsApp, which is very popular in Latin American countries, has extended its reach into Latino households in the US.

The Pew Research Center is one organization that tries to stay on top of the latest trends, with a variety of publications and reports that can help adult schools understand the shifting interest in and use of social media sites. It’s important to have this information in mind as you plot out a strategy for staying in touch with your students and potential customers.

So, it’s not just the message you want to want to get out, but where to find the people you want to communicate with.


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