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The Teachers Who Inspire Teachers

Posted on 05/10/2018

As we conclude Teacher Appreciation Week, it’s a good time to stop and remember the teachers who inspired us to become teachers and work in education. This article External link opens in new window or tab from the Chalkbeat blog includes stories and recollections from top educators about the teachers who stand out in their minds as beacons of encouragement, motivation, and caring. Even though Teacher Appreciation Week is only a few days out of the year, these stories remind us that teachers work hard all year for the betterment of their students, their families, and their communities and are remembered years later for the impact they made in the lives of their students.

And here are some social media posts on how teachers are being celebrated during Teacher Appreciation Week at Clovis Adult Education, Roseville Adult School, and Torrance Adult School!

Source:https://chalkbeat.org/posts/us/2018/05/09/every-child-needs-a-champion-meet-the-teachers-who-inspired-some-of-the-countrys-education-leaders/ External link opens in new window or tab