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Four Ways to Get More for Your EdTech Dollar

Posted on 04/24/2018

Finding the budget and time to do large technology refreshes will always be stressful, but there are a few ways IT directors can lessen the burden and get more for available dollars.

  1. Use current technology to buy down the new fleet.
    When it’s time to refresh devices, first look to your current technology fleet to determine its value. By making smart technology purchases and timing refreshes right, schools can use the residual value of their current devices to reduce the cost of purchasing the next fleet.
  2. Don’t pay cash.
    For those of us who grew up being taught that “cash is king,” this can be a hard concept to understand. However, financing your technology purchases can end up costing less in the long run and can provide a better learning experience for students.
  3. Avoid the summer doldrums.
    IT directors often like to refresh devices when students are not in the classroom. Unfortunately, many other schools have this same idea and the market becomes flooded with used devices. A better idea is to carefully plan refreshes during school breaks, working with a device trade-up partner with experience doing this.
  4. Refresh in intervals.
    If the thought of doing a complete technology refresh over spring or fall break is overwhelming, break it down into four monthly intervals, such as December through March. This strategy allows IT directors to avoid the summer buy-back doldrums and realize a higher residual value for devices, while minimizing the impact on IT.

With a little creative planning, school districts can stretch their technology budgets. And what school couldn’t use more money to fund technology?

Source: https://www.eschoolnews.com/2018/02/27/4-surefire-ways-get-edtech-dollar/