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Adult Education Week Celebrates Student Success

Posted on 04/13/2018

The most important part of any adult school is the students who the school serves. Adults ages 18 and older come from all walks of life, from the United States and all corners of the globe, to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. Many overcome struggles and difficulties, or just the everyday challenges adults face balancing life, work, and family, to get a high school diploma or equivalency certificate, complete an employment training program, improve their English language ability, obtain their US citizenship, or move on to higher education opportunities.

As we complete Adult Education Week, we take a moment to hear from students and their journeys to success. These stories come from students at the Abram Friedman Occupational Center, one of the schools in LAUSD’s Division of Adult and Career Education. These are the students who come to adult education and, through their hard work and sacrifice, turn their dreams into reality, for the benefit of themselves, their families, and their communities. Read these stories and be inspired by the hard work these students have done to reach their goals!

Source: https://www.abramfriedmanoc.org External link opens in new window or tab