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Keys to Creating the Ultimate School Culture

Posted on 04/03/2018

The best administrators know that a positive school culture is based upon the overall satisfaction and safety of the students, staff, and community members–and they also know that if they don’t intentionally lead the shaping of the school culture, others will! So how can you build a culture where everyone is beating down the doors to get in?

There Is No “I” in Team
Build a team of people who are committed to upholding the set norms and values of your school. Administrators should be part of the excellence happening everywhere in your school.

Let Them Shine
Great leaders know that the secret to their success is helping others to become leaders.

The Fabric of Your School
Intentionally plan to honor diversity in your school.

Judge a Book by Its Cover
Your campus should reflect the pride that you have in your school.

Community Connections
Develop strong ties to people who are outside of the school.

Create a School Nation
Encourage all parties to share positive and public praise for the incredible things happening in your school.

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