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Adult Education Week – April 9-13, 2018

Posted on 03/28/2018

Adult Education Week is a good time to build awareness of your programs within the community. Ask your mayor, city council or county board of supervisors to declare one day during the week as ”Adult and Continuing Education Day.” Plan events for the week and let your local media know about them. Schedule an open house, create in-school displays and bulletin boards that focus on your school’s programs and achievements, hang a banner, honor your students, and recognize teachers. It’s a week to tell the community where you are and what you do.


The files on this page are designed to assist in publicizing your own Adult Education Week events. These are suggested formats and can certainly be improved and enhanced; all will have to be edited to conform to your school’s activities and specific programs:

  • Planning for Adult Ed Week—Guidelines for organizing AEW at your school, including 19 ways to promote it.
  • Press Release #1—This generic press release pre-supposes your school will focus its AEW activities on career-related programs. It can be amended, however, to fit with any program. Send two releases; one to arrive at 10 days before the start of AEW and the second to arrive one or two days prior to the open house.
  • Dealing with the Media—Self explanatory.
  • New Release Tips—Do's and Don't of writing press releases.
  • Sample Public Service Announcements —“Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Workforce”. Send on school letterhead, all (15 sec. & 30 sec.) in the same envelope but on separate sheets. A cover letter with information about your school’s services will help. These should be sent to radio, TV and Cable public affairs directors 3 to 6 weeks before the event.
  • Press Release #2—You should also send out a press release if your school chooses to honor a person or group during the week. This one should arrive just before or at the start of Adult Ed. Week. A follow-up phone call will improve your chances for success with any press release.
  • Mayoral Proclamation Language (Generic)—If you haven’t already contacted your mayor’s office (and/or county board of supervisors) do so now.
  • Electronic Promotion—Create a page on your school’s website (and your district’s) that displays the events and activities at your school during Adult Education Week. Send emails to current and former students announcing Adult Ed Week and inviting them to appropriate activities. Use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Source: https://www.ccaestate.org/adult-education-week/ External link opens in new window or tab