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EdTech Pilot Framework

Posted on 10/16/2017

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It's the beginning of the year, there are new classes, new projects, new students and maybe even new equipment! It's an exciting (and exhausting) time of year. If you are looking for ways to successfully integrate and manage an edtech pilot, check out the "Edtech Pilot Framework" offered from Digital Promise. There are eight guided sections to help you and your agency implement and review a plan to integrate technology. These sections include: Identify Need, Discover and Select, Plan, Train and Implement, Collect Data, Analyze and Decide, Negotiate and purchase and then Summarize and Share.

Each section provides video messages from leaders in the field, targeted Tips for Success, and tools and resources to ensure you are on track toward success. The Edtech Pilot Framework also provides several Pilot Study Briefs from around the country. Each brief provides synthesized findings to help education leaders make evidence based selection decisions. Additionally, the briefs provide information about the product, the demographics from the district, pilot goals and the implementation plan.

Lastly, the Framework has a list of resources and tools to help design and conduct pilots, analyze collected data and potentially negotiate and purchase edtech tools. Tools are actionable (templates, surveys, etc.) while Resources include references (publications, websites etc.)

Learn more at the Digital Promise website: http://edtech.digitalpromise.org/ External link opens in new window or tab