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CALPRO: Implementation of Accelerating Opportunity: Final Implementation Findings with Lessons from the Field

Posted on 08/15/2017

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The Accelerating Opportunity (AO) initiative was developed to support students with low basic skills in their efforts to obtain credentials and well-paying jobs as well as sustain rewarding careers. The report shares the accomplishments of the initiative over its three years of implementation and provides an understanding of the process and lessons that emerged from implementing the initiative in Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana. The report describes the context in which the AO initiative developed, the growth of the AO initiative, the types of students served, and the resources used to support implementation. It details the implementation processes and lessons learned across the initiative. The report discusses considerations for scaling and sustaining the initiative and highlights lessons for the field for implementing similar models and approaches.

Read the report External link opens in new window or tab on the Urban Institute Web site.

Sources: CALPRO External link opens in new window or tab and the Urban Institute External link opens in new window or tab