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Become a Champion for Adult Literacy XPRIZE

Posted on 06/01/2017

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The Adult Literacy XPRIZE is in the phase of testing literacy apps for adult learning across the U.S. in three cities: Dallas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. They need your help to make this very important mission a success.

Become a Champion today to make a difference in the lives of nearly 36 million adult learners facing low-literacy. The Champions will amplify our outreach by actively recruiting learners and volunteers, as well as provide facilities or equipment for testing.

  • AMPLIFY - Community outreach to raise awareness about the adult literacy app roll-out
  • QUANTUM - Actively recruit adult learners and volunteers for adult literacy app roll-out
  • ASSETS - Share your facilities, equipment and facilitate testing to help onboard adult learners


The $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE presented by Dollar General Literacy Foundation is a competition challenging teams of developers (software, game and app), educators, engineers, and innovators to create mobile literacy learning applications for adult learners. The Finalist teams’ solutions must demonstrate that they can substantially improve the literacy proficiency of adults reading at or below a third-grade level within a 12-month period.

Following solution submissions in March 2017, a panel of independent judges will select 15 Semifinalists. Each Semifinalist team’s mobile software solution will then be tested with approximately 800 field participants for one year (Field Test). Field participants will be recruited across two demographics:

  • Native English language speakers 18-64 years old
  • Non-native English language speakers 18-64 years old

At the mid-point of the Field Test, five Finalists will be selected based on the performance of their solutions up to that point. Winners will be selected from this pool of five Finalists based on the gains in literacy skills among Field participants as measured by a pre- and post-test taken one year apart.

The Finalist solutions able to demonstrate gains in literacy skills among their Field participants will then be deployed in a Cities Competition in which Cities will compete to encourage the greatest percentage of their low-literate residents to download and use the solutions over a six-month period. The winning city will demonstrate the greatest percentage of application downloads and use among its low-literate residents.

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