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EdSurge: Why Moodle’s Mastermind, Martin Dougiamas, Still Believes in Edtech After Two Decades

Posted on 05/30/2017

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As many adult educators in California agencies funded through WIOA Title II/AEFLA funds know, OTAN hosts a platform for online and blended learning that is available to the field to use. There are a number of courses available on adult education topics to use for free. Some courses can be modified by teachers and others are to be used in the original format and with the original content. OTAN provides technical assistance, training and ongoing support to agencies to incorporate into their curriculum and instruction the courses on http://adultedcourses.org.

In his May 2, 2017 article on EdSurge, Tony Wan interviewed Martin Dougiamas about Moodle, the learning platform that OTAN offers. In this article the creator of Moodle “recalls the journey he’s been on, and how his core team of 50 have managed to keep an open-source project sustainable. “ Dougiamas also talks about the competitive LMS market, about the impact of technology on teaching and learning and his early life experience in distance education.

Source: EdSurge Podcast, May 2, 2017