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Using Technology and Motivation to Reach Adult Learners

Posted on 05/17/2017

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“Teaching adults is not exactly like teaching younger students.” writes Mary Murphy from Sweetwater Union High School District, Division of Adult Education in a March 2017 article External link opens in new window or tab on Getting Smart Web site. She goes on to explain that: “Teaching adults is not exactly like teaching younger students. Adult learners don’t have to come to class every day, and they often can’t give nearly as much of their time. But they’re driven by a want or a need to learn new skills and improve their knowledge. Our job is to match their drive and make their experience engaging and meaningful given these constraints.”

“As of this year, Sweetwater serves about 25,000 adult learners spread out among four district schools and 20 off-site locations (one of them at a Tyson Chicken plant, set up to be more convenient for employees). Some of the adult-ed students take their courses virtually, with students checking in with teachers via Skype or by email, but a majority spend at least some time in a classroom.”

Read about how Sweetwater’s Division of Adult Education brings variety as the spice of adult learning by utilizing adult learner connectivity to learning materials on smartphones, while recognizing that engagement is essential for success.

Source:Getting Smart article on March 11, 2017 External link opens in new window or tab