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Adult Education Week, April 2-8, 2017

Posted on 04/03/2017

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“Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Workforce”.

The purpose of Adult Education Week in California is to draw the attention of the public and of education decision-makers — legislators, school board members, your superintendent, city officials, etc. — to the programs at your school that benefit the community. The idea is to enhance your school’s credibility and publicly demonstrate its value. All of which will require promotion and media support.

Adult Education Week is a good time to build awareness of your programs within the community. Ask your mayor, city council or county board of supervisors to declare one day during the week as ”Adult and Continuing Education Day.” Plan events for the week and let your local media know about them. Schedule an open house, create in-school displays and bulletin boards that focus on your school’s programs and achievements, hang a banner, honor your students, and recognize teachers. It’s a week to tell the community where you are and what you do.

Adult Ed Week is five days, Monday through Friday. You may want to have an event each day, even if it’s just a short ceremony that honors worthy students and teachers. In past years, schools have used the week to have an open house and to honor teachers and students in a variety of categories. Given this year’s theme it seems appropriate to recognize students and teachers involved in career related programs. At an end-of-the-week open house, invite former teachers and students, potential new students, local educational decision makers and members of the press to tour the school.

On CCAE’s Web site you will find a wealth of resources and practical ideas to make your Adult Education Week a success.

Source: CCAE, Adult Education Week