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Web-based Activity: Instant Grammar Checker

Posted on 02/28/2017

Grammarly logo

In the February 2017 Web-based activity article, Susan Coulter introduces us to a tool that can help both teachers and learners. The Grammarly Web site (grammarly.com) and associated applications are a great way to help your students with their grammar and writing skills. As they type, Grammarly underlines grammar errors and spelling mistakes and allows them to correct their mistakes as they work. Students can also upload their essays to Grammarly and then receive immediate feedback on spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style. When you are finished making any corrections, you can download the document to your desktop. The application is available on your Web browser so that online responses, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, can be easily checked for grammar errors. There is both a free and premium version. The free version checks five different writing issues and each one can be turned on or off at the user’s discretion. Read more about checkers for Contextual Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, and Style in the February Web-based Activity External link opens in new window or tab Article.