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National College Transition Network(NCTN): Building Integrated Education and Training Programs

Posted on 02/06/2017

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Did you miss National College Transition Networks’s Building Integrated Education and Training Programs: Tested Strategies and New Endeavors External link opens in new window or tab NCTN and NELRC webinar series! Drawn from around the country, presenters described their local context and program design and discussed the impact of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) on program choices. The archived recordings are now available.

Webinar #1: Implementing IET in Rural Settings

Rural settings present particular challenges for IET programs, such as a limited number of jobs in any one sector, transportation and childcare barriers, or inconsistent internet access. This webinar focuses on varied strategies that have shown promise in three rural states.

Webinar #2: IET within ESL Programs

English language learners arrive in this country with a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience. IET programs can accelerate their access to decent jobs by building on that experience in training and job-focused language and math classes. This webinar highlights programs that are offering IET in culinary arts, building maintenance, and entrepreneurship.

Webinar #3: Contextualized Variations of I-BEST

I-BEST model pioneered in the state of Washington continues to inspire and inform states and programs across the US. The spirit of innovation is evident in the programs represented in this webinar through their customized approach to addressing the challenges of adult basic education students via team teaching, redesigned program structure, collaboration, and contextualized curricula.