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Web-based Activity: Helping Students Get Job Ready - Teach Soft Skills

Posted on 01/23/2017

Communicating at work

In the January 2017 Web-based activity article, Debbie Jensen writes that” Technical skills are only part of the education our students need to succeed in today’s job market. They also need soft skills. Lists of actual soft skills vary, but can include dependability, motivation, communication, creativity, problem solving, flexibility, teamwork, leadership, time management, collaboration, and conflict resolution. Lack of these skills cause problems once you are on the job. According to Business Week over 60 percent of managers agree soft skills are the most important when evaluating job performance. Mark Murphy, author of Hire for Attitude, said 46 percent of people who are newly hired fail in the first 18 months. Of those, 89 percent are fired because they lacked the soft skills needed for the workplace. The good news is soft skills can be taught and learned. “

Debbie Jensen goes on to provide a list of online resources to teach soft skills. Also provided is a practical listing of ways to use soft skills in our classrooms.

You can find step-by-step instructions and ideas for activities in the January Web-based Activity article .