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Edutopia: Education Research Highlights from 2016

Posted on 01/04/2017

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In her December 8 2016 article Youki Terada offers a look at the research that made an impact in 2016, from growth mindset in science class to effective stress-reduction strategies for teachers and students. Terada starts by stating that “In 2016, we learned more about how teachers feel about their profession, from the reasons why they started teaching in the first place (#1) to why they leave (#6). We learned that science students do better when teachers share stories about the struggles scientists face instead of portraying them as geniuses (#3). We’re also learning more about why U.S. students are falling behind students in other countries (#12). “

Read more on Edutopia’s Web sit about the 15 studies published this year that every educator should know about.

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