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LINCS Resource Collection: Adult Education Teacher Competencies Self-Assessment

Posted on 09/23/2016

The Adult Education Teacher Competencies External link opens in new window or tab are designed to identify the knowledge and skills needed by adult education teachers to improve student learning and performance. They are organized into four broad areas of skills and knowledge (domains) and then into specific demonstrable and observable areas of performance (competencies). Each of the individual competencies is further detailed through a set of performance indicators with sample illustrations of teachers demonstrating that performance in a variety of adult education contexts. The resources include two interactive tools

The self-assessment helps identify professional development needs for new and experienced teachers. It is confidential and can be taken manually or online, and multiple times, as needed. Remember to print out your results before leaving the screen. The interactive model can be viewed online or by downloading the interactive PDF file and resizing it to 100%, if the 60% text is too small.

Source:LINCS External link opens in new window or tab