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Teaching Channel: Literacy in the Digital Age: Five Sites With High-Quality Informational Text

Posted on 09/14/2015

Literacy in the Digital Age

"One of the most exciting shifts in the Common Core State Standards is the increased use of content-rich, informational text," write Steve Figurelli and Natalie Franzi at Tchers' Voice External link opens in new window or tab.

"As professionals, how often do we read texts that are outside of our comfort zone?" they continue. "Perhaps it was a legal document, a lengthy contract, or 16th Century prose. A lot of time, no doubt, was spent trying to decode the language used. Our human brain only has a finite amount of working memory available at any given time. And when we are reading, our brain is either decoding or comprehending. It can not do both well. The process is uncomfortable. And yet, many of us ask this of our students on a daily basis. It's no wonder they struggle!"

"Preparing our students to be college- and career-ready is our priority. We must help students build the skills necessary to unpack informational texts. A key to this is providing engaging texts that are motivating and meaningful. We must remember the task of teaching informational reading skills does not just rest on the shoulders of ELA teachers. ALL educators are teachers of reading."

The Tchers' Voice External link opens in new window or tab blog and Student Achievement Partners External link opens in new window or tab share five sites that will help you find these texts with ease and even differentiate the same article for the different learners in your room.

Learn about the five tools from Steve Figureli and Natalie Franzi in the Augost 19, 2015 post External link opens in new window or tab