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On edSurge: The Past, Present and Future of School Design

Posted on 07/20/2015

Water Balls

In July 6, 2015 piece on EdSurge Michael B. Horn interviews Larry Kearns, an architect at Wheeler Kearns Architects, while exploring the history and future of school design.

When asked about what the opportunities for school design are in this blended-learning area, Larry Kearns responds, "Since the educational industry is just starting to respond to the promises of the digital revolution, the frontier is wide and vast. Although most opponents decry students sitting in front of computer screens, most insiders know that the real gold to be mined in the digital era is more effective use of the teacher's time in face-to-face interactions with students."

He goes on to offer a bold vision of learning spaces in 2050 where, "Schools will be anything but one-size-fits all. Their physical spaces will reflect their specialization and needs. Instead of being part of large monolithic networks, schools will be part of smaller, more nimble networks that collaborate to unlock learning for students with a highly personalized education. Industries will emerge that track the efficacy of individual schools and the performance of their networks."

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