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Gamifying Professional Development

Posted on 06/26/2019

Hello again from the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia! Today we want to discuss a topic getting a lot of attention at the conference – gamification.

In a recent OTAN news item, we profiled six ways to gamify your classroom instruction, including introducing collectibles, using point-based rewards, and competing for participation. At ISTE, we have seen a number of sessions that focus on gamifying professional development for teachers and staff that applies the same principles to training. In addition to rethinking how professional development is delivered, it also models for educators how to apply gaming to the learning process as they go through gamified PD. Some ISTE sessions that have introduced PD gamification include:

  • Gamified Strategy to Learn New Tech Tools External link opens in new window or tab – Learning new tools doesn't have to be boring. Canvas Levels of Learning is a gamified, on-demand, self-paced professional learning opportunity. Presenters highlight their new LMS, but you could apply this method to any tech tool. Presenters also will model the Badgr digital badging tool.

  • Getting Real About Gamified PD External link opens in new window or tab – Desiring to engage a teacher audience more fully? Come and learn about the benefits of gamified PD. Explore gamified PD scenarios that involve teacher choice, individual and team competitions, badges, and incentives.

  • Powering Up Professional Learning with Gamification External link opens in new window or tab – Are teachers resistant to trying new ideas? Do you find yourself facilitating professional development that is not implemented? This presentation will highlight how to gamify professional learning to increase teacher buy-in, promote sharing of ideas and encourage individualized learning.

  • Gamify Professional Learning External link opens in new window or tab – Discover how to personalize PD in an innovative way to ignite your staff’s desire to grow and learn. Bring excitement and passion back into the classroom!

Before we know it, adult ed schools will be hosting fall back-to-school events for teachers and staff and will continue to offer PD workshops throughout the school year. Consider some of the gamification ideas offered through these ISTE sessions for your own training and get your staff excited about professional development!

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