OTAN Digest #22
December 2009

Professional Development


Upcoming Online Workshops:

Our new line-up of online workshops is now ready for your review! Whether you are updating your skills for employability or wanting to teach your students about new technologies available to them for learning, there will be something here for you. Don't delay and be disappointed. Sign-up today before the workshop fills up!

Teaching Students Effective Online Search Strategies with Melinda Holt
December 9, 2009 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Type a word into an online search, click "Search" and you or your students will find over a million Web sites or other references to that word. It's the easiest way to search the Internet but it is also the most ineffective because you're not finding what you need. Learn effective search strategies and both you and your students will be able to find the information you need in a format you want. Different search sites will be utilized to show different searching methods.
Prerequisites: Hi-Speed Internet connection, basic mouse, keyboarding and Internet skills,.

Lessons in Moodle with Penny Pearson
December 10, 20093:30 pm to 5:00 pm
The Lesson module in your Moodle course is a powerful tool for learning. As a teacher, you can create simple "flash card" lessons to help students learn vocabulary or other content that needs reinforcement. Lessons are also adaptive. The student guides their learning based on the choices they make while completing the tasks or activities within the lesson. Teachers can add quiz questions, embed videos and import PowerPoint presentations into the lesson format.Through this webinar, teachers will gain a basic understanding of how lessons work, and create one short lesson within their course. Participants are encouraged to have lesson materials on hand such as presentations, text files, and images to use in the creation of their lesson.
Prerequisites: All participants must have their own Moodle course shell with teacher editing rights. Your course can be hosted by OTAN or your school site (Moodle v1.9.5 is recommended). Participants should have completed the "Using Moodle to Create A Course Web Site" workshop prior to this webinar (or its equivalent).

Online Forms - Collecting, Analyzing and Sharing Data with Melinda Holt
December 16, 2009 2:00pm to 3:30pm
How many of your students have a computer and Internet access? How can you create an online quiz? or a survey? This workshop will show you how to use Google Forms to collect data, create quizzes and surveys, export datasheets and manipulate and share the data collected.
Hi-Speed Internet connection, basic mouse, keyboarding, and Internet skills, Google account (free).

Free Customized Class Web Site Aligned to Your Curriculum with Melinda Holt
December 18, 20092:00pm to 3:30pm
Class calendars, tasks lists, dictionaries, and translators - wouldn't it be great if all those items existed on a page that you and your students could access at any time? It can be done with iGoogle. An Internet connection and a Google account is all that is needed to be able to share information like Due dates, upcoming events, word a day, and other class-type gadgets using iGoogle. Learn how to create and customize an iGoogle page and then share all the same information with your students or colleagues.
Prerequisites: Hi-Speed Internet connection, basic mouse, keyboarding, and Internet skills, Google account (free).

Show Your Slide Shows to the World! with Melinda Holt
January 6, 2010 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Your students need to create a PowerPoint presentation but do not have the software at home. Teach them how to create a presentation online with only a few clicks - for free. They (and you) can create a PowerPoint-like presentation without software - all that is needed is the Internet. They will be able to format text, insert pictures and links, or upload an already existing PowerPoint into Google Presenter. Learn how to create, share and collaborate Google presenter with your students and colleagues.
Hi-Speed Internet connection, basic mouse, keyboarding and Internet skills, Google account (free).

Easy Excel Activities for the Classroom: Bingo and Study Helpers with Susan Coulter
January 8, 2010 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Learn how to create Bingo games and interactive student worksheets in just a few minutes using your own course content.
A basic knowledge of Excel helpful but not necessary.

Using Moodle to Create a Course Web Site with Penny Pearson
January 8, 2010 3:30p to 5:30p
Have you thought about using Moodle to create a Web site for your class, or teach an online class? Moodle is an online course management system where you can post assignments, have an online discussion, and organize documents for your students. You can also create quizzes and track student results. This workshop will introduce you to the Moodle system and offer you the chance to create a site for your class. As part of this workshop, you will receive your own Moodle course site from OTAN. [Note: Participants are required to create a Moodle account prior to the workshop date. Instructions are provided after registration.]
Prerequisites: Basic computer and internet skills.

Face-to-Face Workshops:

Contact us to schedule one of our workshops at your school! We will do most of the work for you. We just need your available computer lab. 800-894-3113

OTAN offers no-cost, hands-on, three-hour workshops. We will come to your school if you have at least 10 interested participants and an approved lab. If you have a smaller school and need more participants, consider coordinating with other small schools in your area to fill your workshop.

We offer a variety of technology related topics Here are a few of our more popular titles and a couple of new ones. For descriptions, select the title:

Visit our Web site to see the complete list including descriptions and prerequisites for each, then call Linda Swanson at 800-894-3113 or email her at lswanson@otan.us to schedule a workshop. Friday afternoons are the most popular time so they fill up fast, but if you can host during the week, there are more possibilities.

Resources for Teachers:

Resources for teachers graphic

Here are some great links either recently added to the OTAN site, or ones you might have missed, that you might find useful if you are trying to integrate the use of the Internet into your class:

Center for Media Literacy: Lesson Plans for Media Literacy
Five Key Questions That Can Change the World: Deconstruction, is an innovative collection of 25 cornerstone lesson plans - five for each of CML's Five Key Questions of media literacy for consumers. It's a ready-to-go resource that will help you help your students build a firm foundation in the skills of media literacy. Scalable activities for all levels of learners. Majority of lessons are "low tech." Some lessons recommend the use of a camera, computer screen, overhead projector, or TV/VCR/DVD.

Federal Trade Commission: You Are Here
The Federal Trade Commission has created an interactive site for teaching students about advertising techniques, target marketing, suspicious claims, business competition, supply & demand, protecting your privacy, identity theft and bogus offers. The site is designed for 5th - 8th grade, so it would be good for many ABE,ASE and higher level ESL classes when learning about consumer economics. In the Parents/Teachers section there are fact sheets with class activities, and a lesson plan that complement the site. Supports critical thinking, language arts, writing, media literacy, business, civics, and social studies. Appropriate for ABE, ASE, Int. - Adv ESL, and Career - Business classes.

Grammar Girl
Grammar Girl is a podcasting site that deals in grammar topics. At the present time, there are more than a hundred episodes dealing with everything from word choice to punctuation to general grammar topics. Great listening practice for higher levels of ESL and good reference for ABE, ASE and GED. There are also transcripts for most of the episodes.

Towson University Online Writing Support
Towson University offers a Web site that explains many complicated grammar rules and provides a few interactive exercises for students to complete. Major topics include parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, and usage. The examples in each topic are nicely diagrammed and easy to follow.




Online Professional Development Opportunities for Adult Educators
There are several upcoming online professional development opportunities of interest to adult educators. The courses listed listed in this news item are instructor-led and charge a fee. You can find other online professional development opportunities, many of which are self-paced and free, at. . . Read more. . .

World Education Offers Online Course on Transitions to Postsecondary
World Education offers a number of online courses for adult educators. Some are self-paced and free, others are instructor-led and charge a fee. The online course "Research-based Strategies and Models for Adult Transitions to Postsecondary Education" is now open for registration. Read more . .

Raising Awareness for Adult Literacy: Cultivating Media Relations
In celebration of Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, The National Coalition for Literacy (NCL) has posted a series of articles on their blog aimed at helping adult education agencies raise awareness of adult ESL, create strategic partnerships and cultivate media relations to benefit our programs. Read more...

OTAN is Looking for School Sites Willing to Host a Face-to-Face Workshop for Their Region
We are looking for adult schools that are willing to take a leadership role in providing Professional Development involving the use of technology to to the teachers in their region. We will provide the training. You just provide the computer lab for 4 hours. If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, contact us at 800-894-3113 for more details!

Fall 2009 Online Professional Development Courses
What better way to improve your teaching skills than with professional development?  The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) offers free professional development courses you can take any time, any place, through the Internet. To get started, all you need is an e-mail account, Internet access, and an average of three hours per week scheduled according to your convenience. Read more...

CATESOL State Conference 2010 Registration will open in December !
For those of you waiting to register for the State CATESOL Conference which is being held in Santa Clara this year, you will be interested to know that registration is scheduled to open this month. The information regarding the fees and hotels is already available at the CATESOL site. There is a discount for those registered by February 28th, so take advantage of the Early Bird registration.

The theme of the 2010 Conference will be “Teaching and Learning in a Global Community.” The Conference will explore cultural issues, ideas and experiences related to teaching English locally and globally.