OTAN Digest #18
July 1, 2009

Resources for Teachers

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Here are some great new links recently added to the OTAN site (or a few you may have never discovered) that might be useful to teachers who are trying to integrate the use of the Internet into their classes:

Washington Learning Systems
This site, while commercial, offers some free reproducible language and early literacy activities in English and Spanish for parents. They also have one free video to preview which discusses activities parents can use while reading or looking at picture books with preschoolers. To find the video, select the Preview Video in the right hand side. Useful in Parent Ed or CBET classes.

Center for Applied Linguistics - CAELA Network
The CAELA Network (Center for Adult English Language Acquisition) offers a variety of research based briefs on topics of interest to teachers of adult English language learners. Several new briefs were added just this month. Topics include: Teaching Grammar to Adult English Language Learners; Supporting and Supervising Teachers Working with Adult Learning English; and Observing and Providing Feeback to Teacher of Adults Learning English. Find these briefs (and other briefs) under Professional Development Resources. You will also find an ESL Resource Database by selecting Resource Database.

Media Library of Teaching Skills
The MLoTS site offers a wide variety of videos with teachers using particular methods for teaching. Topics currently include: Reading, Numeracy, Test Taking Strategies, Writing, Using Games to Teach Present Continuous Tense, Food Vocabulary and Verb Tenses, and Supporting Children's Literacy. There is also a link on the site to "Other Adult Learning Videos" for more professional development and ideas. Useful for ESL, CBET, and ABE teachers.

Read Write Think
The Read Write Think site offers lesson plans and student materials for K-12. It offers a wide array of standards-based lesson plans that meaningfully integrate Internet content into the teaching and/or learning experience. Lessons can be selected according to grade band (K–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12) and area of literacy practice. Each lesson is research-based, and includes a detailed instructional plan. The lessons are written for the teacher, but include student-ready materials such as worksheets, interactives, and reviewed Web resources. Useful to ABE, ASE, and higher level ESL classes.

Voice of America
Voice of America offers news broadcasts in 45 languages. Use the English version in your High Intermediate - Advanced ESL or ABE class to create listening, civics, or social studies activities. They have both audio and video broadcasts.

Next Vista for Learning
An online library of free videos for learners - find resources to help your students learn about many topics. There are 52 math and 13 Science videos as well as 14 videos with career related information as of today. Click on Light Bulbs and scroll down the page. Next Vista for Learning wants to post your educational videos online too.

Here is an Online Tool useful for everyone in adult ed...

Citation Machine
The primary goal of this citation tool is to make is so easy for students and other researchers to credit information sources, there is virtually no reason not to -- because someday the information that someone wants to use will be yours. So teach your students to cite their sources. Also useful for teachers studying for advanced degrees. Allows you to cite sources in 4 different formats.

This month's Web-Based Class Activity introduces you to some ways to build student vocabulary:

Vocabulary Builders
Ah... summertime - barbecues, long afternoons, vacation. What a great time to build one's repertoire of word knowledge. That's right. Encourage students to learn 100 new words this summer. Here are some ways to get started.

Professional Development:


Online Workshops:

OTAN is preparing a whole new line-up on online workshops for you! In these uncertain times, it is important to keep up your technology skills and learn new ways to use them in your classroom. With our short, online workshops you can gain not only new skills, but also get new ideas of how you can engage your students in the classroom. Keep checking our Web site for the new schedule - we hope to have it posted by September.

If you have any questions, or ideas for future workshops, contact Penny Pearson at: ppearson@otan.us Your ideas and suggestions are important to us!

Face to Face, Hands-On Workshops at your school!

Technology skills are more important now than ever before, both for teachers and students. Check our list of available, face-to-face, hands-on workshops we will present at your school. Contact Linda Swanson at lswanson@otan.us now to schedule a workshop for the 2009-10 school year!

Or call us to schedule a workshop at your school! 800-894-3113



CCAE Publishes Information to Assist Programs and Provides Discussion List
The California Council for Adult Education (CCAE), with its legislative advocate Jeff Frost, has produced a paper with some questions and answers on the current budget situation and the flexibility of adult education funds. Questions addressed include how funding reductions will be made, the requirement for a public hearing on flexibility funds, and how adult education ending balances and reserves can be treated. Read more...

ESL Briefs from CAELA (Center for Adult English Language Acquisition)
CAELA Network has 3 new briefs of interest to teachers and administrators working in adult ESL classrooms and programs. The topics include: Teaching Grammar to Adult English Language Learners: Focus on Form; Supporting and Supervising Teachers Working with Adults Learning English; and Observing and Providing Feedback to Teachers of Adults Learning English. Read more...