OTAN Digest #12
November 20 , 2008



EL/Civics Online for ESL Instructors
EL/Civics Online (English Literacy and Civics Education is a collaborative project of the U.S. Department of Education/Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services/Office of Citizenship (USCIS). It is a four-part series of online courses to prepare ESL instructors and volunteers to integrate U.S. History, U.S. Government, Civic Engagement, and the Naturalization Process into adult ESL classes. .Read more...

Register Now for the Technology and Distance learning Symposium!
Registration is now open for the Technology and Distance Learning Symposium which will be held at the Sacramento County Office of Education on Feb. 17 – 19, 2009. There is no charge for the symposium, but registration is important to facilitate planning for workshops and lunches. Read more.....

Below are some of the opportunities in November to take an online workshop.

Professional Development:


Upcoming Online Workshops:

Don't delay and be disappointed. Sign-up today before the workshop fills up or is canceled due to lack of enrollment!

These workshops are in danger of being canceled due to lack of enrollment. Please register today!!

Getting Started with Audacity with Barry Bakin
December 9 , 2008 — 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Participants will be taken through the process of downloading the free Audacity software and the accompanying LAME software for making mp3 files. Participants will create their first mp3 audio file. Very basic audio editing techniques will be introduced time permitting.
Basic knowledge of using a computer and a Web browser. Working Internet connection. Ability to download and install software on the computer that will be used on the day of the workshop.

Orientation to Discovery Education Streaming with Penny Pearson
December 11, 2008 — 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Discovery Education streaming is a subscription service that provides multimedia resources including full videos, audio clips, video segments, clip art, lesson plans, blackline masters, lesson plans and much more to enhance your teaching and your students’ learning. Spend an hour and a half exploring this rich multi-media resource and talking about ways you can incorporate these materials into your lessons.
Requirements: Must have a subscription account with DE streaming. Trial accounts are free for 30 

Google It! with Melinda Holt
December 12, 2008 — 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Searching with Google is more than typing in a word or a phrase. You and your students can find: answers to math problems, history timelines, definitions, text translations, and even word pronunciations. Using the many different aspects of the Google search engine will be explored in this workshop including advance search features.
Ability to type and click. Having a Google account is desired but not required.

Face to Face, Hands-On Workshops at your school!

OTAN offers no-cost, hands-on, three-hour workshops. We will come to your school if you have at least 10 interested participants and an approved lab. If you have a smaller school and need more participants, consider coordinating with other small schools in your area to fill your workshop.

We offer a variety of technology related topics such as using PowerPoint, building class Web pages, and using Internet resources in your classroom. Visit our Web site to see the complete list including descriptions and prerequisites for each, then call Linda Swanson at 800-894-3113 or email her at lswanson@otan.us to schedule a workshop. Friday afternoons are the most popular time and they fill up fast, but if you can host during the week, there are more possibilities.

Orientation to Discovery Education Streaming presented by Penny Pearson
Whittier Adult School - December 6, 2008 -- 9:00a to 12:00p (This is an inservice and not open to outside attendees.)

Using Moodle to Create a Course Web Site presented by Penny Pearson
Downey Adult School - December 12, 2008 -- 1:00p - 4:00p (This is an inservice and not open to outside attendees.)

Using Moodle to Create a Course Web Site presented by Penny Pearson
Oroville Adult Education - December 18, 2008 -- 1:00p - 4:00p
Have you thought about using Moodle to create a Web site for your class, or teach an online class? Moodle is an online course management system where you can post assignments, have an online discussion, and organize documents for your students. You can also create quizzes and track student results. This workshop will introduce you to the Moodle system and offer you the chance to create a site for your class. After you complete this workshop, you will be eligible to receive your own Moodle course site from OTAN. [Note: Participants are required to create a Moodle account prior to the workshop date. Instructions are provided after registration.] Prerequisites: Basic computer and internet skills. 

Call us to schedule a workshop at your school! 800-894-3113

Resources for Teachers:

Resources for teachers graphic

Here are some great new links recently added to the OTAN site that might be useful to teachers who are trying to integrate the use of the Internet into their ABE, ASE, ESL, Citizenship, Older Adult, and/or Parent Education classrooms:

If you have some students struggling with Algebra, you might want to send them to this site. It has lots of examples and explanations on how to handle the various calculations in Algebra using both audio and video.

English Page
EnglishPage.com has a grammar book of high-quality English lessons and interactive exercises to help English learners learn English grammar online. It covers the following topics: Verb Tenses, Conditionals, Modals, Gerunds, Prepositions, Phrasal Verbs, and Irregular Verbs. They also have a reading room that links to online newspapers and books, many of which are free as well as links to listening resources.

Reading Skills for Today's Adults
This project was designed to create leveled reading selections that are appropriate for and valued by adult learners. The materials, combined with the research-proven strategies of repeated reading and guided oral reading, aid in building learners' fluency and comprehension skills. The materials correspond to CASAS 200 - 235. This project helps adults become better readers and more informed consumers, parents, employees, citizens and community members. The focus of these reading selections are on topics such us: Civics, Employment, Housing, Health, School, Money, and Government. Audio files of the reading selections are also available and the stories are printable. A few of the stories are related to parenting, so they may be useful in parent ed classes too.

Go Animate
GoAnimate is an online tool for creating animations. Students can add characters, speech and thought balloons, and then make them move. They have a number of different available backgrounds and you can upload your own pictures to use as backgrounds for the characters. You can also record voices to read the text if you like. It is fairly easy to learn to use and would make a good project for ESL or a fun activity for Older Adults.

Storyline Online
The screen Actors Guild has created an online streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's books aloud. Each book includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas. There are currently 21 stories online. Great for parent ed and CBET classes. You will need the free Flash Player browser plug-in to view the movies.

US Citizenship Podcast
Citizenship teacher Jennifer Gagliardi from Milpitas Adult School, has a blog with many podcasts which will help prepare students for the Old or the New citizenship interview. There are audio files as well as links to materials and forms your students will need.

Pics 4Learning
Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection.

This site would be helpful in developing professionally as a teacher in ABE.

ABE Florida - Instructional Materials Reports
The Florida Center for Reading Research has created reviews on a variety of adult basic ed reading materials. This would be a good place to start when selecting reading materials for your students.

This month's Web-Based Class Activity introduces you to an Online Tool called BubblePLY

Add Subtitles (Captions) and Callouts to Video with BubblePLY
BubblePLY allows users to add callouts -- speech and thought bubbles -- and captions to online videos. These “bubbles” can be hyperlinks (to a Web site or email address, for example). Users can additionally add multimedia (images uploaded from a computer or video from a webcam) and built-in animated clip art. Use this for various writing projects in ESL, ABE, or Older Adult programs. Could also be used in some Career - Technical education classes for describing various procedures or skills taught in these classes.