June 17, 2009
Vol. 1, No. 1

Welcome to the New OTAN Administrator's Digest

This new digest from OTAN contains brief articles of interest to California adult education administrators, and links to more information. This publication will be delivered to OTAN members who have selected Administrator, State/Fed Administrator, Coordinator, or Researcher in their OTAN Profile. You can view and edit your profile by going to the Preferences page. The CA Adult Education Digest, the OTAN Teacher Digest and OTAN Adminstrators' Digest can all be accessed through the OTAN Website.

Q&A: Adult Education and Categorical Flexibility


The California Council for Adult Education (CCAE), with its legislative advocate Jeff Frost, has produced a paper with some questions and answers on the current budget situation and the flexibility of adult education funds. Questions addressed include how funding reductions will be made, the requirement for a public hearing on flexibility funds, and how adult education ending balances and reserves can be treated. The information applies to the situation before the May revise that Governor Schwarzenegger announced last week. Because the budget propositions were defeated in the May 19 election, the budget picture will likely change in the coming months.

CCAE also provides a checklist for working with your district and an email list as a forum for discussion.

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Innovation Program Application and Year-End Evaluation Due Oct. 16

Applications for FY 2009-10 and year-end evaluations for FY 2008-09 are now available. Both are due October 16, 2009.

Administrator's Forum Online

The first online session of the Administrators’ Forum, a collaborative offering of CALPRO, CASAS, and OTAN, addressed Strategic Collaborations for ARRA: Opportunities for Adult Education. The session was presented by Susan Handy of Bakersfield Adult School and Neil Kelly from CDE, and was well-attended.

The second online session, Managing Relationships with Your District and Community, was presented by Dr. Cherise Moore of Burbank Adult School and Cyndi Parulan-Colfer of Hacienda-La Puente on June 9.

More sessions will be announced soon. An email discussion list is also available.

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Budget and Legislative Updates Available on OTAN

Laws and Legislation

OTAN staff regulary posts information on the State and Federal Budget and updates on legislation important to adult education in the Laws and Legislation areas of the OTAN Website.

The California Laws and Legislation area has information on bills as they move through the legislature and links to helpful Websites. It also features a section on how to communicate with your legislators.

In the federal section you will find information on federal legislation, like the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and links to Congress and to The Library of Congress' legislative information Website, Thomas.

Explore Laws and Legislation on OTAN.

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