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ABOUT OTAN TRAINING: Workshop Descriptions

Workshop title Online Resources For Developmental Math (NROC Dev Math) 
Workshop description This workshop will introduce you to NROC's Developmental Math. It is designed to help students meet the requirements to enter college, filling in all their knowledge gaps (from basic arithmetic to and including algebra and geometry). The course is cutting edge and based on extensive research. It uses video, audio, adaptive practice, interactive simulations and an integrated textbook. Get a look at the course and see how you can adapt it to meet the needs of your students. Why reinvent the wheel?  
Session length 1.5 hours 
Format Workshops: Synchronous online trainings, or series of trainings, in which facilitator and participants interact by voice or chat. 

To find out more about any of these workshops, including dates and times offered, please check the California Adult Education Professional Development Web site. This site has information on OTAN offered training, as well as training offered by CALPRO and CASAS.

Minimum System Requirements for Participating in Online Workshops:

  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable modem or faster, no dial-up).
  • Computer with speakers or headphones (some classes require microphones too).
  • Active e-mail account through registration for the course as an OTAN member.
  • Some workshops have other special requirements, please read the workshop descriptions carefully.