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ABOUT OTAN TRAINING: Workshop Descriptions

Workshop title Online Curriculum Series, Part 2 
Workshop description

OTAN is offering a series of three webinars, each focused on different curriculum suggested by our OTAN Advisory Committee members and the field. This is the second in the series. Vendors will be added as they are scheduled.


Certiport provides industry certification in programs like the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU), Autodesk Certified User (ACU), Adobe Certified Associate (ACA), IC3 Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurship and Small Business.These industry certifications help individuals distinguish themselves to employers and further their careers.

US CitizenPod

Teachers and students are using uscitizenpod's materials (pdfs based on the N-400), pptx, podcasts (mp3), videos, ebook, etc to prepare for the USCIS citizenship interview.


Teknimedia is a leading provider of e-learning software for Digital Literacy training, assessment, and certification for Adult Education and Workforce Development programs. Our Computer Literacy Series (CLS) courses teach the essential computer concepts and skills needed by adult education learners in today’s digital world and offer the finest in multimedia and interactive instruction. Our Digital Skills Assessment, Total TekAssess (TTA), is Teknimedia's online, comprehensive, and fully customizable computer skills assessment, placement, and “test-out” tool. With a question bank of over 900 performance and knowledge-based questions, TTA is the ideal solution for measuring basic computer, Internet, e-mail, Microsoft Office knowledge and skills, as well as typing speed and accuracy. Teknimedia offers online and offline delivery.

Session length 1 hour 
Format Webinars: Synchronous online events of short duration (1-2 hours) in which subject matter experts present information. 

To find out more about any of these workshops, including dates and times offered, please check the California Adult Education Professional Development Web site. This site has information on OTAN offered training, as well as training offered by CALPRO and CASAS.

Minimum System Requirements for Participating in Online Workshops:

  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable modem or faster, no dial-up).
  • Computer with speakers or headphones (some classes require microphones too).
  • Active e-mail account through registration for the course as an OTAN member.
  • Some workshops have other special requirements, please read the workshop descriptions carefully.